Specialist advice, assistance and representation on all aspects of road transport law, motoring offences and regulatory compliance.

Road transport is a highly complex and technical subject, particularly when dealing with commercial vehicles and a rapidly changing area of law. We offer experienced, specialist representation to clients involved in the road transport industry and to individuals facing prosecution for a wide range of motoring offences.

For individuals and businesses a Licence to drive or operate vehicles can be crucial to earning a living or making a profit. Prosecution in the Magistrates’ Court for motoring offences or an appearance before the Traffic Commissioner can have serious implications for the ill prepared. Those who are legally represented usually do better than those who represent themselves.

For motorists generally, strict road traffic laws have made driving an experience that can be fraught with danger. The prevalence of speed cameras, mobile phone legislation and penalty points for failing to identify drivers make “totting up” increasingly common. Accumulate twelve penalty points over a three year period and you face disqualification for six months. The loss of a driving licence can have devastating consequences both personally and professionally. We can help you to defend motoring prosecutions and where appropriate mitigate the normal consequences of conviction.

Commercial vehicle operators and professional drivers must be particularly alert to the legal issues affecting the road transport industry. The regulatory licensing system, which encompasses everything from vehicle maintenance and safety standards to driver offences and tachographs, is strictly enforced. Failure to comply can result in disciplinary action against operator and vocational Licences. We provide clear, practical legal advice to owner drivers and corporate clients, including coach and bus operators and road hauliers, on the regulations governing use and operation of commercial vehicles and represent clients before Traffic Commissioners and the Upper Tribunal.

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